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At h2h Corp we get it. We really do!

That's why we are Here 2 Help, it's who we are!

Where other companies may sell you a solution that works for them and not for you, we take the time to learn your business and integrate the right solutions for your company's success. 

Then, we stand by to assist you when you need us! 

We truly are your partner in support. 

That's how Here 2 Help Corp is different!

Stellar Performance

Because we know what your business needs before you do!

Technology for Business Growth

Hyper-Adaptive Technology Support

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Cloud Hosting and Co-Location in the Heart of Silicon Valley and Beyond!

Our state of the art Cloud Services Co-location Facility will help convert your on-site data-center and move everything to the cloud!  This allows a more reliable fault tolerant method for critical applications and related data.  Why take the risk of a single point of failure?

24x7x365 Critical Support

We don't sleep because your technology should never sleep!


Onsite and Remote Hands


24x7x365 Monitoring NOC (Network Operations Center)


Onsite Support

We can deploy technicians and engineers to your location or do staff contract placement.

We help businesses grow and innovate at the speed of Silicon Valley!

Our core founders have over 90 years combined in the following industries :

IS&T (Information Systems & Technology)

Installation, Service and Support (Residential, Commercial, Restaurant, Retail, Hospitality Sectors)

Commercial and Residential Construction Management Services

We know all the ways that things work in the real world.  We also have the experience to understand why things don't always work and to help shield your business from avoidable mistakes!


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